Rigidbody -- Box Collider Collision Detection

I am currently working on a fighting game as a large school project and I had my characters set up with character controllers with collision working properly. After I had it all working properly, I learned that Rigidbodies will work better for accurate collision detection. After implementing them however, my characters’ damage animations do not play right away.

What are the necessary steps I need to take to fix this?

I have the rigidbodies set to isKinematic = true; Interpolate = none; Collision Detection: Continuous Dynamic.

To get the collisions from their hands/feet, I have box colliders attached to their hand/feet bones with isTrigger = true.

The code is getting called by OnTriggerEnter. I have not provided any because the code was working perfectly before started using rigidbodies for the colliders.


Just fool around with the child parent thing. I could have some effect