Rigidbody can push but can't be pushed

I’ve set up a rigidbody-based first-person controller which can walk into and push other rigidbodies. The problem is that the collision also inversely affects the player object. For example, walking into a sphere not only slows down the player, but they can sometimes walk up on top of it with their capsule collider. Is there a way to create a one-way relationship between collisions so the player can move other objects but they don’t move the player?

Hi @CASandberg - One solution is to use kinematic rigidbodies, but then you’ll have other issues to figure out - but at least your rb is not affected by other rb’s.

See manual:

How about using rigidbody.addforce?

You could use the colliders to detect when the first person controller touches the gameobject you want to push and then use add force to move the game object in a direction your player is facing.