Rigidbody collision detection using iTween

Hi everybody. I am using iTween right now to animate my player from whatever its current position is to another gameobject that you click on. That all works fine, I use raycasting to see if i click on a tagged gameObj and got it sticking to the collider, i disable isKinemtic to keep it from falling, and parent it so it will follow that gameobject until I click to detach it. My question is when I DO start the iTween to move the player it ignores all collision until it completes, passing through all gameobjects it shouldn’t, how can i get it to stop when it hits a collider?

Also, I would like any suggestions on getting it to iTween toward a moving (using iTween) gameobject to stick to it.

Hi there, had you tryed to use the iTween.Stop(“Event Name”), also need to set a little pause before a new iTween is generated :-).

the itween turn on the kinematic to avoid collisions, so you will have to choose another way to move your character. sorry.

the itween turns on the kinematic to avoid collisions , so you will have to choose another way, sorry.