RigidBody collision is so bad SOMETHING is wrong! What did i do?

I mean seriously, they’re so unbelievably, mindbogglingly bad that one rigidbody box collider can’t even handle 10 rigidbody mesh colliders without horrible collision issues. I explain my problem in detail in this video. Note that my problems are not due to scripting most likely, because this issue is with Colliders and Rigidbodys. (and i know that this isn’t actually how they’re suppose to be interacting)

You do some really strange things here. I list them in the order of severeness:

  • First of all you should only attach a rigidbody to objects that actually move / are supposed to move. Your ground looks like it’s a static object, so remove the rigidbody.
  • If you want a rigidbody that can move but should not be affected by collisions or generally external forces you should make the rigidbody kinematic. Constraining all rotation and movement axis is a bad idea as it just adds unnecessary overhead.
  • Moving rigidbodies should have primitive colliders whenever possible. If you really need a mesh collider you can only use convex mesh collider. Non-convex mesh colliders can’t be used on rigidbodies, just on static geometry.
  • We don’t see your used physics material settings so any sort of sliding is the result of your materials.

I don’t really see any particular strange things. Your moving rigidbody doesn’t have any drag so once it’s moving it won’t stop on it’s own. It could stop due to friction but this depends on the two PhysicsMaterials involved in the collision.