Rigidbody doesn't fall when platform below it shrinks to nothing.

I have a rigidbody sitting on a platform. I am shrinking the platform slowly using transform.localscale.

If the rigidbody has moved at least once then it will fall from the platform as it shrinks from underneath them. However, if the rigidbody has not yet moved or had any force applied to it then it will remain floating in space. It will remain floating until it is moved or is nudged.

How can I fix this?

It feels like I am “pulling the table cloth” out from under these objects and they are not registering that they are floating. If I toggle gravity on and off on the objects rigidbody they fall.

tldr: Rigidbody sitting on top of a shrinking platform defies gravity until interacted with.

If you shrink your gameobject to the smallest unit, the collider will remain there, even as a vertical line (assuming you’re shrinking a box along the x axis). Therefore, your rigidbody may not be falling because it is sitting exactly above the collider.

You could try setting the collider of the platform to trigger once the shrinking ends, which will ensure that your object falls.