Rigidbody falling so slow?

(I am new to coding in unity, so don’t judge too harshly) In my script, programmed it to jump and it worked, but when it was falling back down, it fell so slow. I haven’t changed any settings in my Rigidbody Component so I think it might have seen something I wrote in my script. Could somebody please help me? thanks!

I assume you have “Use Gravity” on in the component. If that’s the case, just input this into your code:

void FixedUpdate(){
 V3 pos = transform.position
//this is where you should input all your movement codes
//to make the character jump
//you should have another variable called Jump to address the jump speed
//or you could just make the character's speed equal to the jump speed
if (Input.GetKey(Keycode.JumpButton)
       pos.y += jumpSpeed * Time.deltaTime;

That should work definitely.