Rigidbody follow player and maintain all physical properties

I created a simple script that allowed one Rigidbody object (AI/Enemy) to smoothly chase after the Rigidbody player. However, it has one problem; the ‘Enemy’ is able to push the player across the screen with no regard for physics, and the player is powerless to push back, not matter how much force is applied.

Current AI/‘Enemy’ script:

#pragma strict

var rb2D: Rigidbody2D;
var player : GameObject;
var playerPOS : Vector2;
var followVector : Vector2;
var selfPOS : Vector2;

function Start ()
	rb2D = GetComponent.<Rigidbody2D>();
	player = GameObject.Find("CellPlayer");

function FixedUpdate () {
	playerPOS = player.transform.position;
	selfPOS = transform.position;
	followVector = Vector2.MoveTowards(selfPOS, playerPOS, 0.06);

The player’s Rigidbody is moved using AddForce, which allows other forces to act against it, such as drag and collisions. However, my current method of moving the ‘Enemy’ requires MovePosition, which appears to ignore weight, drag, collisions, and basically all other forces.

I tried several ways to have the ‘Enemy’ follow the player through AddForce, but getting it to work to the point where it’s smooth and reliable seems overly complicated.

Is there another form of movement that I missed that allows you to tell a Rigidbody object to move (or attempt moving) to a vector while preserving its physical properties? Or is there an easier way to accomplish this with AddForce?

Edit: This is for a 2D game on Unity 5.3.

MovePosition basically teleports the objects, don’t use it if you want physics to work.

The other way is to use velocity vectors: [rigidbody2D].velocity = Vector2

In a top-down game you could do: EnemyRigidbody.velocity = transform.up * speed.y;