Rigidbody Glitch

i have a problem And I Found Out It Was RigidBodie causing it But I Dont Know How To Fix It. The Problem is That with RigidBody My Character Flys Up into The Air On Spawn. How Would i Fix It. Please Help I Looked all Over For It

The problem is that you are spawning your object at a position that has a collider…either an existing collider, or your spawn object are hitting each other. Some choices:

  • Move the spawn point away from the other collider
  • Increase the time between spawns (if they are hitting each other)
  • Use Physics.IgnoreCollision() for the two object that are colliding
  • Put the objects on different layers and setup the collision matrix
  • Delay turning on the colliders of the spawned objects
  • Remove the collider from the ‘other’ object that is causing the collision