Rigidbody.interpolation in details [Solved]

Hi guys. I have a following camera. The following is implemented in the LateUpdate() function. However it was not smooth. Then I found that I can smooth the camera by changing the Interpolate property of the rigidbody of the Player. The documentations says this about the interpolation property: “How the object’s movement is interpolated between physics updates (useful when motion tends to be jerky).” Can someone explain me in details what’s happening under the hood, because I don’t like to use things that I don’t understand how they work?

Interpolation is when the Rigidbody is smoothed between two positions in the world, one being the previous position of the object, and the other being the new position. Extrapolation is very similar, but one position is predicted by the engine and the smoothing is between this and a known position. I hope this helped and was what you were looking for.