Rigidbody is entering steep slopes on terrain

I’ve got a bit of a weird issue in which the player controlled rigidbody is entering but not falling through steep slopes on standard Unity terrain. I am using a capsule collider and I am using RigidBody.MovePosition() where Physics code belongs in FixedUpdate().

Edit: I am using Unity 5.2.1p1 Personal Edition.

The entire model and collider will actually disappear inside of the slope, but it hits an invisible wall where it can’t go any further and then I can walk right back out of it.

Thanks for your time and any advice that you can offer.


For those interested, I think that it ultimately had something to do with the height difference from one pixel of the heightmap to the next.

What I did to hide the issue was take the terrain smoothing tool and set it to a size of 1 and smooth the problem spots.

It doesn’t seem to change how the terrain is rendered, but it adjusts the collider somehow.

I hope that this helps someone else out there.