Rigidbody isKinematic on mouse click

I’m trying to make a gameobject react to physics on a mouse click. I have my visible mesh with 4 box colliders as children.

I am able to get the mesh to change colour as I hover the mouse over it, but when I tell it to make ‘rigidbody.isKinematic = false’ on click the checkbox becomes unchecked (false) in the inspector but the mesh does not move at all or react to physics.

I suspect this is because the mouse click is registered on the box colliders(children), not the visible mesh (parent to colliders). Do I need to send the message back to the parent somehow?? (The script is attached to the parent object)

Any help would be appreciated

I’ve since solved the issue. Placing rigidbody.WakeUp() at the end of the script has done the trick.

If the checkbox is becoming unchecked then the script is working. If your mesh still doesn’t move I’d take a guess and say you have kinematic rigidbodies on your colliders also.