RigidBody Jitterbug Question.( PhysicMaterial.Static)

Hi all!

I am messing around with rigidbodies and have run into a janky result that I am trying to overcome.
I have a platform moving along in Z, and I drop a rigid body Box onto it. It then slides to the back and hits a blocker wall to keep from falling off.

At this point the Box starts janking out doing the jitterbug trying to ‘keep’ up with the moving platform at the same time upDating from the collider.

I tried adding a Physic Material and cranked up the static, which helped, and kept the box in place on the platform without sliding to the back. But it was still jitterbugging in place!

Any suggestions?

Basically, I just want it to land on the moving platform, and sit there moving along with it until I want to pick it up.With no jitterbug.

Sleep function? would it be too expensive to be removing and adding rigidbody scripts whenever it’s on the ground?!


alt text

oh look at that…I can read,…
I tried this But,…

Interpolate Try one of the options only if you are seeing jerkiness in your Rigidbody’s movement.
None No Interpolation is applied.
Interpolate Transform is smoothed based on the Transform of the previous frame.
Extrapolate Transform is smoothed based on the estimated Transform of the next frame.”

hmm,…this didn’t work

still getting the bad vibrations,…And I am barely moving in Z.

Parenting the rigidbody did it.

or parenting at instaniate too.

way to answer your own question! woot!