rigidbody + mesh collider + addRelativeTorque


I’m using a helicopter controller script that works fine when i have a box collider on my model.
When i switched to a mesh collider, everything started to go wrong.

I was able to fix the forward/backward movement by setting the CenterOfMass manually to (0,0,0),
But i can’t seem to be able to fix the rotation controls.
Its spinning along all the axes instead of just the Y axis, and this also causes it to change position.

The way i’m rotating my model is this:

torqueValue -= (Vector3.up x max_tail_Rotor_Force x tail_Rotor_Velocity);

And ofcourse when i switch back to the box collider everything works fine.

Is there a way to fix this or should i also keep my box collider, and make all of the other colliders in my scene ignore it using Physics.IgnoreCollision?


Why don’t you use a box collider for the movement and the mesh collider on another object to check for collisions?