Rigidbody momentum?

Hi, I have a character with a rigidbody that jumps forward using root transformation from the animation (basically, the jump animation moves the character forward).

This then leads to a secondary falling animation that plays whenever the rigidbody’s Y velocity is < 0.

My problem here is that the character falls directly down, and I would like it to keep the momentum from the jump animations.
On a similar fashion, if Im walking towrwards a ledge I would like to fall keeping that momentum too.

Any ideas what kind of code solution Im looking for? Im using C#, but Im more of an artist rather than a coder.

At the very beginning of a jump add force in the direction necessary to you and the necessary value. If jump is forward:

 public float fwdForce = 100.0f; //value of force for forward direction
 public float upForce = 100.0f; //value of force for up direction
 public Transform myCharacter = null; //reference at your character object

 //Create simple function and use it by neccessary
 public void myJump() {
  myCharacter.rigidbody.AddForce((fwdForce*myCharacter.forward) + (upForce*Vector3.up));

Of course, you can to change value fwdForce and upForce, for more efficient. I hope that it will help you.