Rigidbody Movement

i want to move a rigidbody with an ice physics material. I’m using AddForce. The problem is that, when the rigidbody change direction, it takes second to go to that direction because is affected by the previous force. I mean, the body move to the right, i change direction, it rotates to the left but the force applied to the right i still decreasing.After 2 seconds,is 0 and it goes to the left.
How can i setup that the rigidbody, when changing direction, goes to that direction with a good steering (slipping less).
Thanks and sorry my bad English.

Have you tried playing around with the different ForceModes for AddForce?

You can also try grabbing the velocity of the rigidbody, negating it, then applying that as an additional force. (You can then scale that force if it’s too strong or weak.)