rigidbody objects

hey unitinions, i've made a tank game that i'm fairly chuft :) on the controls but i want it 2 knock trees down when i drive into them, it does that atm.... eventually, but atm they jump into the air and appear to be doing aerobatics for a while then stop and it works, but i wanna know how 2 make it start so they just stay still and do as i tell them. Thank you for answering =D

Try changing the Collider of you Tree Objects to a Fixed Joint Collider and play around with the Break Force & Break Torque settings.

If you set isKinematic = true on the rigidbody, it will no longer respond to physics. This will let you directly control its behavior- once struck you can animate it falling down without fighting the physics engine.

Or, you can keep it kinematic until its time to knock it down, then turn the flag off and give it a little push to make it fall over and bounce.

If the tree is too bouncy and light, set the rigidbody's mass to something higher.