Rigidbody on a platform


I know the question is already asked here , but the answer is not clear

I want to make my rigidbody objects moving with the platforms ? How can I do that , i’ve tried checking use Kinematic on the platform , the rigidbody stays better on the platform but it slips quickly though even when the motion of the platform is very slow.

Thank you for reading.

Moving using only Rigidbody.MovePosition and Rigidbody.MoveRotation in FixedUpdate fixes the slipping and gives a very smooth and accurate simulation.

From the docs:

For kinematic rigidbodies it applies friction based on the motion of the rigidbody. This lets you simulate moving platforms with rigidbodies sitting on top of the elevator. If you want other rigidbodies to interact with the kinematic rigidbody you need to move it in the FixedUpdate function.

function OnCollisionStay (hit : Collision) {
if(hit.gameObject.tag == “Plateform”){
transform.parent = hit.transform ;
transform.parent = null;

That should add you as a child under the platform and it should separate you from the platform when you are no longer on it.