Rigidbody on Timeline Invalid worldAABB

I am 100% stumped. I am working on a Dialogue system for my game that uses the Timelines system, and currently I have a test scene set up that involves the player moving to a specific point and playing an animation. This uses the exact same player gameobject as used in gameplay but with all of the scripts deactivated and the rigidbody set to isKinematic so physics does not get involved, and this all gets deactivated before the Timeline is played.

Sometimes it works, and other times the player disappears and the console starts throwing these errors and the game stops working:

It happens completely at random and I have double checked all of my code to ensure that .MovePosition is not being called when Dialogue is being played. Is there some sort of function in Timeline that calls .MovePosition if an animator on the timeline has a rigidbody component? Other than that I have no clue how to fix this. It's hard to consistently replicate as well as I want to say 25% of the time it plays repeatedly with no issues and then suddenly without changing anything it will error out like this and once the Timeline ends the game won't respond.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Do you have these logs' stacks?

It looks like some calculation is resulting in very large numbers, maybe because of some number approaching to zero?
I'd start from there and posting the logs here.

I think I found what you were asking for but I'm unsure, if it's something different can you let me know how to pull it? If this is it then does this give any indication as to what is going on?

9864996--1421490--trace5.30.24.txt (77.3 KB)