Rigidbody Physics Fail - simple example included

We’re having trouble getting objects to collide reliably in Unity 3.5. The attached bare-bones example Unity project illustrates the problem: spheres are periodically given a force directed at a plane, and they should bounce off the plane, but instead pass straight through.
Please note that:

  • the ball has a sphere collider that is not trigger
  • the ball has a rigidbody with collision detection set to continuous dynamic
  • the wall has a box collider that is not trigger

Shouldn’t the ball collide with the wall? Are we missing something? Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!


At first I thought it was because the zipped example was missing a collider on the wall!

I was able to fix the problem by adding some depth to the collider on the wall. Add a box collider back to it and then give it some more depth. I think in your previous example it was simply calculating before the hit and then again on the other side of the wall (completely overlooking a thin collider). That solved it for me when I added this one item to your file.