rigidbody pushing character controller

**background info: **
trying to create a gravity type weapon that attracts objects and release
on grabbing i makes the object a child of an aimer and deactiavte the rigidbody
once the mouse button is released, its no longer a child and i activate the rigidbody

**problem: **
when ever the rigidbody’s collider overlaps with the character controller, its pushes the player in a random direction, really fast, some times i end up out of the level as a result.

any idea how to stop the push back?

used sphere, box, mesh colliders so far on the rigidbody object

i have your solution. you are clearly learning fast - you must now learn abou the “LAYERS” system in unity physics.

it is remarkably simple. they sort of “con” you by explaining physics first without layers. however, it;s impossible to do any real-world scenes without using the layers system in physics.

for example, you shoot a cannoball from a cannon. they must be on different LAYERS - or they will collide as you are shooting!!!

here in your example it is exactly the sort of problem. they must be on different layers or they will interact.

you must now fully learn teh LAYERS system. enjoy!

you must set this little guy …