Rigidbody randomly going through collider


Everything is in the title. I’ve tried to find an answer on google but it’s nearly impossible since all the questions are about high velocity rigidbody crossing colliders solved by a continous dynamic setting. Mine is quite different because the detection SHOULD BE here but it’s just not. Here is a screenshot.

The red dot is my trajectory, and you can see my rigidbody is simply ignoring the collision. But you can also see that he is boucing correctly on the top of the screen. It happens once every twenty tries approximately, and i can’t find a case to reproduct it.

All my colliders are convex mesh colliders :


Additionnal infos :

  • My rigidbody is continous dynamic
  • My colliders are on separated layers but they are interacting
  • Obviously it should collide because there is a red dot in the wall (it’s not like it was a fixed update problem)
  • Rigidbody is stuck in Y and it can’t be a Y position problem

If you have any idea, everything is welcomed ! Thanks in advance

In conclusion : snapped colliders are not bullet proof even in Continuous Dynamic mode