Rigidbody with collider gets stuck inside a box colider

I have objects with Rigid Bodies that are set to Continuous Dynamic. I have a script that throws them in the air using physics. When the objects land on the intersection of the cubes, they get stuck inside of them. The cubes have a box collider and are marked Static.

The Objects have a physics material on them with a Dynamic friction of 0.3, a Static friction of 0.3 and a bounce of 0.07. The Cubes don’t have any physics material on them. The cube mesh I use was imported from blender and has a scale of 50 but I am using the normal Unity Box Collider. changing it to a mesh collider does not change anything.

I have a video of it, but I can’t upload video.

Hello @Sumocat19, have you tried editing the collider size? If not, your box collider might be really tiny, so objects still hit it, just not in the bounds where you want them to.
To edit a box collider:
Press the button with the 3 boxes connected by a line.
Drag the green boxes in your scene view.
Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

There are multiple things that effect the whether the object will get stuck inside the collider:
The scale. Scaling up or down will decrease the issue.
The thickness of the collider. If I make the collider THINNER the objects will not get stuck inside of them.
The friction, If I add a physics material with friction to the cubes the issue will happen less.

I fixed the issue by adding a second collider to the cubes. One that’s really thin and at the top of the cube. I’m not sure if having multiple colliders on every single cube will have an effect on performance or not. Does anyone from Unity know why my box colliders are acting this way?