Rigidbody with Physics or Kinematic Rigidbody

I am working on a space flight game. For the aircraft, I am confused whether to use a Rigidbody with Physics or a Kinematic Rigidbody with a trigger collider.

Rigidbody with Physics


  • Collision Events are readily available


  • Marginally difficult to create the controller script
  • Working with torque & forces, it is difficult to create the Barrel Roll, Cobra Maneuver kind of effects.
  • Difficult to achieve LookAt functionality.

Kinematic Rigidbody with trigger collider


  • Very easy to create a controller.
  • Very easy to manipulate using the transform


  • Cannot detect collisions, can only respond to Trigger events.

If I use Rigidbody & Physics, it would be difficult to achieve the ‘spaceship’ feel. If I use Kinematic Rigidbody with the collider marked as trigger, collision detection becomes difficult.

What would be the ideal approach? Any practical advice would be valuable.

After years of development I can say that better to use Physics based things like Rigidbody with Physics and simulate all forces instead of manipulating transform. PhysX is a complete system. If you will need some additional things like cloth or wind in the game you can easily add it via forces. But if you have direct transform you will get a lot of problems like going through wall.