Rigidbody2d addforce isn't moving character

public void Fire(){
IsShot = true;
BasePower += MeterPower;
Instantiate (Player, CannonEnd.transform.position, CannonEnd.transform.rotation);
Player.GetComponent().AddForce (Vector2.right * BasePower);

Keep in mind I have variables for base power that are set to 100, and meterpower which is set to any number higher than 1. Which I try to move the object , it won’t move.

I figured out my problem, I was getting the component on Player, but when it is instantiated, it’s now a clone and the code doesn’t reference it anymore. So, I use
GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag(“Player”).GetComponent ().AddForce (Vector2.right * BasePower);
It now works great :slight_smile: