Rigidbody2D (box2d) rigid joint/fixed joint

Aim: I need to join 2 neighboring GameObjects (with rigidbody2d (box 2D)) together rigidly, like the PhysX (Unity 3D physics engine) implementation of FixedJoint.

I’ve tried using DistanceJoint, but that is not rigid. Tried HingeJoint also for which I set the angle limits to 0,0 which made all the objects cramp into the object where the HingeJoint was attached to.

Any methods or advice on how to get a rigid joint would be helpful. Thank you.

I found the solution. I just used HingeJoint again, and set the max angle limit to 0. The problem was that the Anchor on the other object was not relative to the other object, but to the original object.