Rigidbody2D - constraints? (like normal rigidbody)

Does Rigidbody2D have constraints along the lines of what Rigidbody in 3D does? It has ‘Fixed Angle’ but I can’t find velocity/positional locking.

I tried setting linear drag to something arbitrarily high (apparently one million is as high as it goes in the editor) but the object still changes position when pushed by other objects (but still rotates relatively freely like desired).

I feel like I may just be missing something, but I have looked in the regular places (editor, Unity Script Reference, some cursory googling) and not found anything.

If it doesn’t already exist, I’ll just try to work something out on my own.


I’m also looking for this. I want to drop balls in a vertical line without any horizontal force.

As far I can see there are no constraints yet for the rigidbody2d, the manual is clear that.

You can search for answers regarding one direction movement. There are plenty of that.