Rigidbody2D not falling anymore

Hello dudes, i’m learning Unity3D 4.3 2D tools, and i’m creating a basic plataform game. The problem is, dont know why, the Rigidbody2D stopped to fall when I apply gravity on it. Also, addForce doesnt work anymore…Dont know if I broke something or if this is a bug (I think isnt).

Here is a screen shot from object with this problem: http://img809.imageshack.us/img809/7580/0exi.png.

I’ve tryied to set Gravity and Mass to 10k, but no changes at all.


I found the problem, it was related with a animation with change the transform position of my gameobject. After removing this animation, the Rigidbody2D started to respond physics moviments.

You can also disable the “apply root motion” on the Animation component.

WARNING!! Okey … so there is few thinks which you should be aware of:

  1. Turn off “Apply Root Motion”
  2. Place your character transformation on same transformation in animation
  3. “NEW” (i figure it out today): even if you have same transformations … you need to erase your Main GameObject transformation from animation

For Ex: I have Object called Hero → Hero had same transformation as in animation i was working on → i was not able to done it → i watch into animation and keys of animations in left row i had positions and transformations of child objects (hands legs etc…) → i had here also transformations of object Hero → i deleted it → WORKING!! finally …

just don’t change the main transform. Instead change the transform for the body part you wish to move