Rigidbody2D performance

Hi guys,

I’m working on a top down game atm. The plan is to make a fast-paced-lots-of-enemies shooter and I’m wondering how performant is physics2D in Unity.
On one hand, I’d love to use some physics for some stuff like recoils, scattering after bazooka explosion, pushing objects etc. , on the other I’m affraid with so many enemies (think Crimson Land - hundreds of enemies) and rigid bodies, this might be an overkill.
Manipulating transform position directly is a safer choice but doesn’t have “that feel”.

Do any of you have experience with physics for many objects simultaneously or maybe mixing transform operations with rigidbody (bad practice I know but…) ?

I don’t think it’s gonna get much better than Unity’s rigidbody. When the objects are somewhat far away and not colliding all the time, there’s basically no calculations to be done.

So unless you’re aiming for this type of situation, you should be fine.

Edit: exploding 100+ enemies simultaneously against a wall or something would likely noticeably drop FPS on a mobile device. But I’m not sure from the question if you’re doing mobile.