RigidBody2D velocity randomly drops to zero

I’m using a rigibody2D on a cube in Unity. I have a constant force been added to slowly increase the speed and couple of ifs to cap it out if max speed is reached. This works but every now and then before fixed update the velocity randomly goes to zero. In addition at the time when it drops to zero it goes to some random numbers for a couple of frames (for example -5.453111E-16)

void FixedUpdate()
        float horizontalAxis = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal"); //gets horizontal axis
        Debug.Log("axis: " + Vector2.right * horizontalAxis * speed);
        Debug.Log("velocity.x before addforce: " + rb2d.velocity.x);
        rb2d.AddForce(Vector2.right * horizontalAxis * speed); //adds x force based on input and speed property
        Debug.Log("velocity.x after addforce: " + rb2d.velocity.x);
        //cap out speed to max if more than max (abs)
        if(rb2d.velocity.x > maxSpeed)
            Debug.Log("velocity.x over max: " + rb2d.velocity.x);
            rb2d.velocity = new Vector2(maxSpeed, rb2d.velocity.y);
            Debug.Log("capped velocity.x: " + rb2d.velocity.x);
        if (rb2d.velocity.x < -maxSpeed)
            rb2d.velocity = new Vector2(-maxSpeed, rb2d.velocity.y);

Image of player components:

I think it has to do with negating the scale on direction change, which might be bad in your, but is bad in a second case. instead of scaling the transform, put the visual as child object and ROTATE it around y axis. This might solve your problem as well as not break batching.

hi, i now that is an old topic but i have the same problem with my character, it suddenly began to have this behaviour where its rigibody2d drops its y speed to zero without any reason , so the cuestion is… did you solve it?? and how?? i been searching for all the internet without a clear answer