Rigidbody2D velocity relative to screen size

Hey all
I am having a problem with velocities. When I view the velocity in small resolution, it appears fast but when I see it in full screen, it appears slower. I know that it just appears to be so but I don’t even want it to appear so. Any ideas how to make it appear same in all resolutions?
Please Help!

Depending on what camera you’re using (I’ve assumed orthographic as you are using 2D rigidbodies) you would just use a scalar and the orthographic size of the camera to determine the increase in speed.

rigidbody2D.velocity *= someCamera.orthographicSize * someScalar;

However this might become a lot more complex if you are using a perspective camera. In that case you need to account for both the size of the FOV and the distance to the object. Here you would probably want to measure the bounding box of the object you want to display against the size of the screen in pixels. You can find the later two in Screen.width and Screen.height.

I hope this answers your question somewhat.

I want the object to become larger and the speed to basically increase by the same amount the screen size is increasing (keep the velocity constant relative to the screen size) so as to make it appear same in all screen sizes.