Rigidbody2D.Velocity = Vector2 not changing X Position

I’m making a fighting game and I trying to apply a knockback when receiving a hit

This is the problem:

 private void OnTriggerEnter2D(Collider2D Coli)  
            rigidez.velocity = new Vector2(30.0f, 18.0f);  
            print(Coli.name + "    " + rigidez.velocity.x);  

When I run this, it seems to work fine in everything but the force in the X axis, it’s launching upwards and the print says 30 at the rigidez.velocity.x part, but the X position of the object is not changing.
And yes, the freeze position isn’t checked.

I tried it and it worked perfectly for me, it must be some small mistake, try taking a look at everything again i guess