Rigidbody's flying away on load

Hello there, I have a bit of a problem, I have been making a FPS and come a cross a strange problem, (strange for me anyways!) At the moment I have 10 scenes, all fully populated and when I work directly on my scene 5 its all ok, if I load scene 5 directly from scene 4 or 3 all fine. But… if I let it run from either the start or at least let it run through scene 3, 4, 5 it then messes up the rigidbody’s gravity and they fly upwards. Like I said, if I start on scene 5 no prob, its through loading various scenes?


Thanks in advance!


Ok Ive narrowed it down to scene 3, if it loads from 4, 4-5(cutscene), 5, all good. Its from scene 3. I have put a load scene 5 on key 1 press, and left my standard load level at the end of the level (another cutscene). Ok, the strange part is that if I press 1 and it loads scene 5, all grav is ok, but if it recheas the end of the level, and then loads scene 5, gravity is still screwed up? I have tried all kinds of stuff with no luck.
Any help apreciated, thanks.

Hmm… Do you manipulate gravity in your app? Can you print the value of Physics.gravity to see if it’s actually changing? It does sound strange. Also make sure that there isn’t any interpenetration of objects; this sometimes causes Physx to fire rigidbodies off into the stratosphere. Finally, check for all things that are unique your problem scene transition a => b.

Ok, done it, I had a FSM on level 3 that should not of been there, that set the general gravity settings to 0.2, so when entering level 5 everything flew away… xD! All done though, got a bit shaky there for a minute, thought it was a physics issue. So I will mark the only anwser as correct. Thanks iwaldrop, your comment made me think out of my boundries for a sec! thanks a bunch…