RigidBodys Suddenly Heavier

Hey, I am having a major problem. My RigidBodys seem to have become heavier then before and I have no idea why. This is most noticeable with my Character Controller (which is also a rigid body), but other rigid bodies also seem to be effected. Basically, force doesn’t really seem to effect them as much, my player moves very slowly all of a sudden and other rigid body objects dont move as quickly as they used to after I added force to them. Anybody know why this is?

Is Drag set high?

Do you periodically change velocity or set a transform.position?

These things will slow a rigidbody movement down considerably.

Something in one of the collision functions affecting velocity or position? → Multiple colliders on one object interacting with each other?

Overloading (in execute time, not ‘function overloading’) your Update() function so FixedUpdate gets culled to make up for framerate, resulting in slow physics?

Iteration set too high?.. or too low?