Rigify from blender to unity, cannot find head (after deleting face)

Using Rigify. It comes with a face. I don’t want the face. When I did use the face, it made my mesh look stretchy in the game. But it worked. The object imported, and animated.

But when I delete the face, of which is parented to the head bone, Unity says, after import cannot find head? I don’t get this. All I did was delete all the face bones beneath head.

I don’t know how to fix it. After it is rigged, the bone that was spine.006 is named head. Why can’t it find it? So Im stuck between having a face I dont want.

I’ve since had more experience with this.
When exporting from Blender; under the Armature Tab, be sure to check the box the reads “Only Deform Bones”.

If you’ve done this already but are still having problems, comment on this answer and I’ll do my best to help you. :slight_smile:

Thanks to KeusD, I compared his Rig to mine to see what it is I did to mine to make it work:

For easier navigation I renamed the spine bones like this:

then I searched for any bones named DEF-
and moved then into the DEF-spine hierarchy, to do this you simply select the highest root bone and change it’s parent while in edit mode on the rig. You change the parent to what you think would make sense, or you can check it current parent. Example: if the current parent is ORG-chest, then change it to DEF-chest.

You want the shoulders to be children of the chest and the pelvis to be children of the lower spine.
All legs bones to be children of the pelvis.

The end result should look like this:

I lost head too. I dont find bone “MCH-ROT-neck”. I have “rig/root/torso/MCH-spine.002/MCH-spine.003”, but not “rig/root/torso/MCH-spine.002/MCH-spine.003/MCH-ROT-neck/neck”.