Ripped model requires skinned mesh

I ripped a wii-disk character model as obj. using 3D Ripper DX and imported the .obj to Unity. As 3D Ripper DX rips the whole frame,I removed the unnecessary parts and textured it to get my character as a prefab. But when I tried to add an animation using Mixamo Animation Store, it says “The character selected does not contain a Skinned Mesh. To download motions through the Unity plugin you must use a character with a Skinned Mesh.” What should I do?

Probably not the best idea to mention that you’re using ripped models, even if the purpose is purely academic or for fan work.

That said, the model you’ve got is simply a model with no armature. Your character has no bones to animate, so it’s really nothing more than a 3D picture. You’ll have to rig it for animation yourself. Try importing some of the free Unity models into a program of your choice and analyze how they’re set up. A proper rig is key to successful animation.