RMB no longer works in UNITY web player

I have set up the game Klondie to move the camera around the table by right mouse button (RMB) while moving the mouse when playing in the unity web player. This no longer works. It worked before and it works fine in the editor but it does not work in the player. What changes are in place or do I need a work around for this problem…

The game location:

About the game:

Thanks CSDG

  • game on link doesn’t work (Level ‘KlondieScene’ (1) couldn’t be loaded because it has not been streamed in yet. You need to ensure that levels which have not been streamed in yet are not loaded.)

  • in your web player RMB is not disabled, it raises context menu in browser. so first you need to disable context menu in html file with unity application

The way it had worked before. The context message is used first to enter full screen. Once in full screen, the user could then use the RMB to move the camera in the scene. As I said before, it no longer works.

I am still learning how to use the javascript in the HTML file… Taking classes in the subject. Also I am still using the FREE version of Unity. What I did was built the web player platform deselecting everything and it no longer builds the javascript application.

I am experimenting with these free games I published on the website in order to learn how to build an appropriate version.

Any suggestions will be appreciative