Road Clean Game

I visited the different sites and unity answers to find the answer of my problem but didn’t find. I want to make the road clean project like in the video Clean Road.

Methods tried:

  • I make Meshes of snow and during hit
    i destroyed the mesh but this didn’t
    give me the real effect and more draw
  • I also made particle effect but
    during hit, doesn’t give the real

any idea will be appreciated.

Hi there,

If you watch carefully the video, you will see that even at the end without snow, the truck still draw the path.

So, with this in mind, instead of thinking how to “break” the snow, you may want to use the Trail Renderer component. Give it a try.

The effect of actually taking out the snow, is given by instantiating small blocks of snow along the sides of the trail.

Hope this helps.

In the video you shared he is doing kt adding a linerenderer over the snow, if you want a better end result you shaders is the best approach

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