Roadmap for UI Support on Polyspatial?

I was unable to find a reason why the keyboard doesn’t show up in the template project. I’ll keep an eye out for any differences, but otherwise I’d suggest creating a project from scratch and moving your assets over to it.

can u implement a PolyspatialKeyboard.Open similar to the mobile thing?

@RyanGoodrichUnity might be able to answer this, since he added the keyboard support.

In my test, after upgrading TMP to 3.0.8, the keyboard cannot be pop up.

Would someone please confirm which of these are valid?

Hm, I have another project that was started from scratch (from the Unity 3D Core template) which also exhibits this issue. Its probably too large to share, but perhaps there is some other package dependency causing this issue… In the meantime, I’m working around the issue with voice input courtesy of Whisper! :sweat_smile:

hi @RyanGoodrichUnity … is there a way to manually summon the keyboard?

try building to device. sometimes the layout issues show up in editor but seem okay on device

Off the top of my head, knowing the way it’s implemented, I would expect TouchScreenKeyboard.Open to work. If it isn’t I’ll need to debug it, but visionos keyboard doesn’t support any options at all, so be sure to call it without any of the optional parameters.

I couldn’t get TouchScreenKeyboard.Open to work. The description says it only supports by iOS, Android, and Windows.

I just tried calling this:

using UnityEngine;

public class OpenKeyboard : MonoBehaviour
    public void Open()

From a canvas button click and it popped up the keyboard in the simulator.

How are people getting input from the keyboard to the TextMeshPro Input field? In all other cases, it just works. But that’s not the case so far when we are trying to get it working on VisionOS.

For VisionOS clicking on the input field opens the touch keyboard in random locations in unbounded volumes, which is problematic as the user does not have a consistent location to know the keyboard will appear and it frequently appears inside where the user is standing, or behind them.

Once the user finds the keyboard and begins typing on it, nothing is updated in the TextMeshPro Inputfield, even though the user is providing input from the on screen touch keyboard.

That’s great! Got that working, too, and repeatedly reading the keyboard’s text property in Update I can get the value as it updates.

Unfortunately TouchScreenKeyboard.Open doesn’t do anything in Play to Device mode. Are you seeing that, too?