Robot repair script, error bce0048

I’ve been getting several errors for this script, but I knocked it down to just this one, object’ does not support slicing. Line 65,26. This question has been answered before, but the other answers haven’t helped me on this part.

#pragma strict
var cols:int = 4;//the number of columns in the card grid 
var rows:int = 4;//the number of rows in the grid
var totalCards:int = cols*rows;
var matchesNeededToWin:int = totalCards * 0.5;//8 matches are needed to clear the board
var matchesMade:int = 0;//at the start the player hasn't made any matches
var cardW:int = 100;//Each card's width is 100 pixels
var cardH:int = 100;//Each card's height is 100 pixels
var aCards:Array;// store the cards created in this array
var aGrid:Array;//keep track of shuffled, dealt cards in this array
var aCardsFlipped:ArrayList;//stores the two cards that the player flips over
var playerCanClick:boolean;//use this flag to prevent player from clicking buttons at certain times
var playerHasWon:boolean = false;//stores whether or not the player has won
var i:int;
var j:int;

function Start () 
  playerCanClick = true;
  //initialize the arrays as empty lists:
  aCards = new Array();
  aGrid = new Array();
  aCardsFlipped = new ArrayList();
  for(var i=0; i<rows; i++)
    var acrds:Array=new Array();
   for(var j=0; j<cols; j++)
     acrds[j] = new Card();

function OnGUI () 
  GUILayout.BeginArea (Rect (0,0,Screen.width,Screen.height));//this will be the width and height of the screen and it will start at the screen origin
  BuildGrid();//builds the grid of card buttons
  print("building grid!");

class Card extends System.Object
 var isFaceUp:boolean = false; //determines whether or not the card has been flipped
 var isMatched:boolean = false;//is set to true when the card has been matched
 var img:String;
 function Card()
   img = "robot";

  function BuildGrid()
 for(i=0; j<cols; j++)
  GUILayout.BeginHorizontal();//BeginHorizontal/EndHorizontal to make card buttons stacked horizontally instead of vertically
  for(j=0; j<cols; j++)
    var card:Card = aGrid*;*


  • GUILayout.Width(cardW)))//keeps the card from filling the width of the layout area*

aGrid is an Array, you try to access aGrid[j]. aGrid is ok, but not aGrid*[j]. aGrid should be of type Card[][].*

Well, the problem is that aGrid is a one-dimensional Array(), but you’re trying to access it using two-dimensional index notation: aGrid_[j]._
Unlike C#, Javascript does not support native multi-dimensional arrays, but you can use “jagged” arrays (i.e. arrays of arrays). I’m not sure exactly what the best solution is though because, in the absence of any comments, I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve.