Roll a ball Directional Lighting not casting shadows

Hi guys and girls, Just started following the Roll-a-ball tutorial and have encountered an issue. When turning on the ‘Hard Shadows’ for the Directional lighting, the Sphere is lit correctly but there is no shadow being cast onto the Plane. Is this an issue with DX11?
I am trying to work on a brand-new Dell Inspiron laptop, but when I run the file on my 5 year old desktop the shadow appears as it should. The desktop is running DX10 as DX11 is this the reason for success on the old computer?
Any response would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah, DX11 could be the issue. I was able to workaround this problem by disabling DX11:

Edit → Project Settings → Player

Uncheck the “Use DirectX 11” checkbox

Did you check the settings of “Ground”? Turn off and then on again “Receive shadows” as shown in figure below.

Check quality settings - remove setting with no shadows, or change it. It help for me. Unity somehow could change this option without permision.