Roll a Ball performance problem

i followed the tutorial , step by step… everything works fine , but when i check the game stats , it gives me only 30 - 40 fps … anyone knows what the problem could be? …

P.D: My pickups are dinamic , in case someone thinks the problem its the cache unity have to use each time the pickups are rotating and they are not static.

The framerate listing in the Stats display has always been a notorious misrepresentation of what you’re immediately seeing in the game view. That doesn’t mean it’s not accurate. It just means it’s not telling you exactly what it seems like it’s telling you.

That said, because Vertical Sync is on by default, that means your framerate will most likely be divisible by 60 – If your true framerate is 250, your framerate with V-Sync is 60. If your true framerate is 59, your framerate with V-Sync is 30.

The stats display will present a variable range in performance, but you’re most likely just a bit under 60 frames per second, so you would most likely be experiencing a constant 30 instead.