Roll-A-Ball Problem

Hi guys, I know I sounds super stupid for having issues with the easiest tutorial there is, but I’m a 12-year-old newbie who wants to learn to develop, so don’t judge! Anyways, I’m on part four of the tutorial, Roll-a-ball, and I’ve just wrote the script it told me to write, seemingly perfect (I’ve checked, I can’t spot errors), but my ball has suddenly bounced up into space, and then it falls down and bounces again. I’m baffled as to how a script affecting the camera can have this affect, but then again… the player object is mentioned in it. Like I said, I sound dumb, but please help! I’d love to be able to develop games when I’m older, and starting young seems like a good idea.

Try raising the ball higher in the air, I had a similar issue and it fixed it. Happy learning!

i am having a similar problem. i tried following the Script on the tutorial and it wouldn’t let me open the game to mplay anmd make the the ball go move, move with wasd or the arrow keys or any other defualt buttomns used within other games to move objects and sprites around lol… im tired and hate this lol…