(Roll a ball) The camera for the ball doesn't follow the ball.

I followed the roll-a-ball tutorial, and after scripting for the camera to follow the ball without rotating on the x axis with it. I did as the tutorial said and put the player in the “box” called player in the inspector of “main camera”. When I hit play the camera literaly did not move what-so-ever, I redid my scripting and tired everything but when i hit play and moved the ball the camera still didnt move. Help pls

@AndrewLackey_97, I had the same issue so I added a logging statement to LateUpdate():

void LateUpdate () {
	Debug.Log ("LateUpdate() here");

Initially, I accidentally named it LastUpdate() - so that’s an issue right there. I compared the name again and saw it was wrong and fixed it. I selected the console and looked at it during game play - nothing was being printed. I checked that the Player was in the script’s Player box in the inspector and it was. Oddly enough, when I looked at the Main Camera, the camera component was compressed/minimized (arrow was facing right). I expanded that and my camera preview popped up. I hit play again and it worked. I tried to get this to fail again, but I was unable to break it. Hope that helps.

i got the same issue