Roll-A-Ball Tutorial: Ball moves on its own


I have completed the Roll-A-Ball tutorial successfully.

There’s only one issue I’m having: When running the game, even if I don’t do anything, after about 10 seconds the ball starts rolling forward slowly on its own.

This is highly undesirable. Because there is some force acting on the ball that I did not intend. It does not affect this simple game too much, but it could be a bigger issue in bigger projects.

I’m using Unity 5, and the tutorial was made in a 4.x version I think. So, maybe this has something to do with it.

Can anyone tell me what is causing this?

The zip file for my project can be found here: in the forums where I originally asked this question.

The rigidbody is probably doing something funky. are you sure the controller has all of the axis’s written in correctly? I used to have that problem alot. I would make a controller and then I would forget the names of my axis’s so I did like horizontal “instead” of “Horizontal”

This sounds very similar to this issue I found. There is a mystery force when using mesh colliders in Unity 5 (bug was not present in Unity 4.x)

One way I found to resolve this is to use box colliders instead of mesh colliders. In other words, the floor would sit ‘on top’ of a large, flat box collider.

Just keep the name of the horizontal and Vertical axes for the joystick and keyboard different it will work. If both the pairs are with same name then unity sends false coordinates thinking the joystick keys are being pressed and hence the ball moves own its own.