Roll a Ball Tutorial does not work. Help?

I did the Roll a Ball Tutorial (movement) twice (even copied the script they give you) and both times it didn’t work. One time it didn’t move. The Second time it didn’t move except when I hit the down arrow, which makes it fly straight up. Also when I close Unity and then re-open it all my objects are gone. (platform and sphere). I am super confused, also getting really annoyed because this is my second day trying this program and have already found some errors. Can anyone help me? REALLY FRUSTRATED!!!

Just a question, are you saving the scene?
When you open unity sometimes you must load your scene? Might be that?

I’m actually having a similar problem. The only difference is my ball simply won’t move. I’ve tried both the wasd and arrow keys and still nothing. I copied the exact code as well.

@Pyrate144 If you copied the code from the tutorial, you will notice that the “rb.AddForce(movement * speed);” section of the code is different than the one the instructor creates because the speed portion is added on later in the video. You need to change the speed by clicking on the ‘Player’ object and go down to the ‘Player Controller (Script)’ section. The speed defaults at 0. Change the speed and rerun your game. It should work now.