Roll-a-ball tutorial: help with movement

Hey I am following the Roll-a-ball tutorial. I did everything till the 3rd chapter"moving the ball". I wrote the same script as shown in the video . But i am not able to move the ball as shown in the video . Heres the script.

The problem is your function is called in the wrong way

void FixedUpdate is different from Fixedupdate in C#

void FixedUpdate()  {

should do the trick.

Also i don’t know why Unity didn’t implement those functions as virtual instead of having the people look on the doc to know which are available… :slight_smile:

The problem is the lower case u in Fixedupdate.

If you change that to upper case it will then be FixedUpdate.

Function names are case sensitive, so if you get the case wrong it won’t be called.

(@Kons pointed this out in the above answer, but I don’t think you caught the critical point.)

This is a very common problem.

You must create a plane.
Make a sphere and set it’s transform to x = 0 y = 0.5 z = 0.
Add a rigidbody to the sphere.
Create a C# script called PlayerConroller or something like that.

Now, here’s what you put in it:

When you go back to the editor, set the ‘public float speed’ to whatever you want!
I recommend 500.
I hope this was helpful.

I solved the problem by uninstalling the new Unity and then installing the previous versions from the archive, like unity 3, unity 4, unity 4.5 and then 4.6.