roll the ball collecting cubes not working help

I am currently following the tutorial on the “roll the ball” game, I’m on the last step however the ball isn’t collecting the cubes. is my code wrong? please help83478-capture1.png

Double check that you have the colliders and rigid bodies set up properly and that the tag on the pick up object is exactly the same as you wrote in your code.

Other than that unless you are getting any errors I would add some debugs to check what point the code is getting to.

Make sure your cubes are tagged as “Pick Up”, the case and space being important there.

I checked for it multiple times and i even when back to the video to see his code however mine isn’t still working its hitting into the cubes instead of picking them up. @michelle12188

The game is working properly now! you both were right i didn’t tag the game as i was suppose to causing the game to malfunction. Thank you both for the help, it is much appreciated @Thomas-Hawk @michelle12188