Rolling a ball in 2D, in direction of movement

Hi all, I currently have an overhead 2D game where the player can kick a ball around. I’ve managed to get the ball to move in the direction it was kicked, but making it rotate to give the illusion of rolling seems to be eluding me. Right now I have this:

			Vector3 v = (transform.position - c.transform.position);
			rigidbody.AddForce(v * hardPush);	
			rigidbody.AddTorque(-v * hardPush);		

The addForce bit kicks the ball and works fine enough. Addtorque rotates the ball, but it doesn’t look quite right. The texture doesn’t move around as it should. Does anyone have any tips to simulate believable ball rolling? Thanks!

use this code…

GetComponent.().MovePosition(GetComponent.().position + speed * Time.deltaTime);

And for speed variable:
var speed : Vector2 = Vector2 (12, 0);

or use this code:

this.GetComponent.().AddForce(Vector2(-1,0) * 12);