rolling cube with rigidbod ?

how to make cube rolling with rigidbody

Is this to roll it along a flat surface? You’re probably going to want to use rigidbody.AddForceAtPosition.

If it’s just to add some spin to a cube similar to rolling a dice you can add torque

Not sure how constant you want to roll the cube vs. not. You could elect to use a SphereCollider. If you’re worried about it rolling on its own, you could either place limits on rotation x, y, z, and play with the roll programmatically. Alternatively you could place a box collider and a sphere collider and have:

BoxCollider boxCollider;
SphereCollider sphereCollider;
bool UseBoxNotSphere = true;

Whenever you need to switch into a roll, call a method that does this:

boxCollider.enabled = UseBoxNotSphere;
sphereCollider.enabled = !UseBoxNotSphere;