Rolling eyes

Hi everyone! I’m trying to add funny eyes to my ball (Simple 2d rolling ball game).
I have the ball’s body with 2 white circles as eyes and on top of them, 2 smaller black circles as pupils.

I want the pupils to bounce inside the white circle, think of a lottery machine’s balls.

I tried doing this:

  • Player: Sprite Renderer (Ball sprite) + Rigidbody 2D (default settings) + 2 x Spring Joint 2D (Linked with below child game objects. Settings: Distance 0.1, Damping 1, Freq. 1)+ Circle Collider 2D
    – EyeLeft: Sprite Renderer (Eye’s white circle) + Rigidbody 2D (default settings) + Spring Joint 2D (Linked with below child game object. Settings: Distance 0.1, Damping 1, Freq. 1)
    — EyePupil: Sprite Renderer (Eye’s black pupil) + Rigidbody 2D (default settings)

It KINDA works but the eyes are affecting the ball’s physics plus with the Joints in the pupils I ain’t getting quite what I was looking for, but the bouncing effect in the white circle is pretty good.

Any hint on how to approach this? Thanks!

Here’s a quick and easy thing you could try:

Why not decrease the mass of the little puils and/or increase the mass of the rest of the player’s body parts? The higher the pupils’ masses are, the more force they impart on objects they touch. If their mass is negligible in comparison to the rest of the body, they won’t impart very much force at all.

However, changing the masses here may very well yield more extreme bouncing and movement of the pupils. You may need to adjust settings in your springs to further dampen this movement (if you intend to continue with springs).